Some Makeup I’ve Done!

Hey guys!

Here are some makeup I’ve done, hope you enjoy!


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Now a days, having a tattoo doesn’t mean you’ve probably just gotten out of jail, it’s a form of expression and art.

Personally, I love tattoos, I only have 2 myself ( partially because one of the ones I really want, I couldn’t get before bunion surgery).


This is located on my back, I got it for a couple reasons:

  • I am clumsy – so I’ve learned to roll with it and not let it get me down
  • I like birds and in this case, it represents freedom
  • I got it on a road trip in NYC – it was an experience

Tattoo done by Betty Rose


This Is a rosary, with a motorcycle chain.

I’ve always wanted a rosary on my ankle, however I wanted it to be unique and wanted it to represent me. I decided on the motorcycle chain because it’s different and I love my ZX6.

This is my favourite one, for personal reasons

Tattoo done by Jay


My next tattoo will probably be the “Don’t Stop Believing” on my foot, it’s a song that has been a staple in my friendship with one of my best friends – no matter where we are or what time it is, if it comes on we’ll call the other. Plus I love the song.


My Special FX Kit!

Special FX Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Hallowe’en is fast approaching, so before I film or document any special fx tutorials, I thought I’d show you what I have in my kit! Now some of this stuff is expensive and you could substitute them for items you find around the home, others; unfortunately you can’t. I find when shopping online, I go to a number of sites (I even get to the checkout to see how much shipping will cost me) just to find the best deal! I will provide the links for each product to save you time :) (any words highlighted in pink will be a link)

3rd Degree

3rd Degree is a silicone compound, when part “A” is mixed with part “B” it will eventually set. * you MUST use 2 different tools to scrape equal parts of each!* If you use the same tool and part “A” and “B” mix (even just a little) your whole jar is ruined! So use 2 separate tools for each :). I used to use “morticians wax” or “wax putty”. Ever since seeing 3rd Degree on various YouTube Channels, I decided to give it a try and will NEVER go back to the wax, it’s just so much easier to apply and remove! 3rd Degree blends into the skin for a more natural look, and you can even reuse your design for future use! *I will provide examples later in the post. WARNING: some readers may find pictures too graphic, please use your discretion *

Eye Drops, Liquid latex, Fresh Scab and Dark Blood

The majority of these products are from the “Ben Nye” line. Depending on the look you’re trying to create, one type of blood may work better than another (sounds a bit weird, I know). I decided for the looks I wanted to create, Ben Nye’s Dark Blood would be perfect.

Next, while learning special fx makeup in school, we were provided a product that was a thick, jelly sort of blood (similar to how blood in fresh or healing wounds would look) this is known as “Fresh Scab“. It adds dimension to your wound to make it appear a bit more realistic.

This is not an essential for your kit, especially because it doesn’t last very
long but if it would complete a look you’re going for, Kryolan Eye Blood will make it seem like your eye is bleeding.
(if you’d like me to post a picture of them in my eye, just comment below and I will, no problem).

Last but not least in this photo, is Ben Nye’s Clear Latex. You can create so many different looks by using this product, such as; wrinkled skin, dry flakey skin, burned skin, etc. * I will be posting YouTube tutorials to some of these looks in the coming weeks! Stay tuned ;) *
**Quick tip – if you want to save a bit of money, you can replace school glue for liquid latex for easier looks**


Here we have “Ultra Ice“, it’s pretty simple – it is for the use of creating ice or making something look frozen. Just use water to help with sculpting!

Rigid Collodion is used for creating scars, when applied to the skin, it dries quickly to make the impression of scar. To get a great result, apply a couple of layers and pull in the direction of the scar to create a more realistic look. This is a great product to use for an Edward Scissorhands look, among others!

*Not pictured individually, that may be of interest, are the Skin Illustrator Palettes (There are different ones, so I included a general link).

For many of the tools, (including the mixing palette, the mixing spatulas – which are really just paint spatulas & sponges) I purchased from a local craft store. Rather than buy the brushes online, you can also purchase regular paint brushes (make sure they’re soft enough for the face & decent quality).

*Below are pictures that some may not be comfortable viewing, please use your discretion – they’re makeup and NOT real! *

These were done with 3rd Degree, I didn’t have my newer blood, so I used what I had. I will post better pictures soon, and will have a tutorial up shortly. If you have anything you’d like to see specifically, please comment below!

IMG_7232 IMG_7241

Hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment! Follow my blog for all of my latest posts!